Who is running this project?

    The City of Kalamunda is running this project to  promote the Community Event Sponsorship and Donation program. This aims to support local organisations and community groups in the organisation and coordination of  events that have a direct benefit to the local community and/or visitors to the City. 

    What is the purpose of this consultation?

    To further develop the City's Events program we want to collaborate with local businesses, organisations, and community groups to gain a shared understanding of current strengths, preferences and challenges in local event industry and to identify new opportunities and ideas. Through the survey, all community members are invited to share their thoughts on promoting Kalamunda as a destination of choice for Events and Festivals and tell us what style of events they would like to experience in the future.  

    Why is this important?

    Through this program we aim to attract and retain major events and support services in order to generate economic and social benefits to the community of the City of Kalamunda.