Who is running the project?

    The City of Kalamunda (the City) has appointed Urbis to undertake the planning of a new Activity Centre Plan for the Kalamunda town centre. Urbis has also appointed a team of sub-consultants to assist with the various technical studies and reports. The City’s various teams, particularly Strategic Planning, Asset Planning and Public Relations will be heavily involved in the project.

    What is the purpose of the consultation?

    To seek community input on the future planning direction of Kalamunda’s town centre, also known as the Kalamunda Activity Centre (KAC)

    Where is the Kalamunda Activity Centre (KAC)?

    The KAC (refer to map) generally encompasses the area bound by Elizabeth Street, Kalamunda Road, Canning Road and Railway Road. A more refined boundary will be identified as detailed plans are progressed.

    Map of KAC

    What is an Activity Centre?

    Activity centres (commonly known as city or town centres) are suburban centres that provide a focus area for services, employment, housing, entertainment, transport and social interaction. 

    What is an Activity Centre Plan?

    An Activity Centre Plan provides a framework to guide any planning and development decisions for Kalamunda’s Town Centre over the next ten years. This framework incorporates and addresses issues such as regional and local context, transport and movement networks, land use and infrastructure, urban form, resource conservation as well staging and implementation. 

    Why is an Activity Centre Plan required?

    As a requirement of State Planning Policy 4.2: Activity Centres for Perth and Peel. Activity Centre Plans need to be prepared for District Centres. More information on this policy can be found at www.planning.wa.gov.au.

    Activity Centre Plans help to ensure any new developments align with the envisaged identity and character of an area.

    My property is within the project boundaries. What does this mean for me?

    Should the Activity Centre Plan for Kalamunda’s town centre be adopted, new developments will be guided by prescribed land use and design requirements in the plan.  Existing approvals within the project area will continue to remain valid.

    How does the plan interact with Local Planning Scheme No3 and Local Planning Policies?

    Kalamunda’s Activity Centre Plan will be prepared in accordance with the Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (the Scheme) and the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015. Planning and subdivision applications submitted to the City following adoption of the Plan will be guided by the land use and design requirements outlined in the Plan. 

    Who is being consulted on this project?

    The City is directly consulting with the following key stakeholders:

    • Business owners
    • Landowners and tenants
    • Local Chamber of Commerce and other community representative groups
    • State Government agencies
    • The broader community

    How do I get involved?

    There are a number of opportunities to get involved:

    • Complete our online survey by 30 March 2018.
    • Write a submission to enquiries@kalamunda.wa.gov.au, City of Kalamunda PO Box 42 WA 6296, or in person to your local library or City of Kalamunda Administration
    • Business owners may schedule an appointment for a one-on-one conversation on 13 or 15 February 2018 by contactingppa@urbis.com.au or (08) 9346 053.
    • Visit our project team at  the Kalamunda Farmers Market on 25 February 2018
    • Attend our visioning workshop at the Kalamunda Town Hall on 15 March 2018