Carers Week WA

    What does being a carer mean? How can I tell if I am a carer?

    As per Carers WA, being a carer means; being someone who provides unpaid care and support to family members and friends who are living with a disability, mental health challenge, long term health condition (including a chronic condition or terminal illness), an alcohol or other drug dependency, or who is frail aged.

    An estimated 230,000 Western Australians provide unpaid care and support to a family member or friend who requires help due to illness, disability or frail age.

    Why are we collecting the details of carers?

    We want to better understand who our carers are in the City of Kalamunda and how we can help support them. We are creating this database so we know who our carers are, where they are located and how we can contact them so we can get their feedback on plans and developments across the City as well as give support and appreciation to local Carers.

    What benefit is there to registering a carers details with us?

    Registering your carers details with us will enable future contact from us when opportunities arise related to carers. This will also give you the chance to be celebrated through Carers Week in October with a special gift from the City of Kalamunda.

    What will happen next?

    The City of Kalamunda will compile the contact details into a secure database so we can let you know about future programs, opportunities and events which might interest you as well as future consultations about social inclusion will be made available to you.

    Where can I get more information about services available to carers?

    More information can be found on the Carers WA website or by calling Carers WA at 1300 227 377. For more information with how Kalamunda can support you as a Carer check out some other resources on the City of Kalamunda website or call us at 9257 9999.