Welcome to the City of Kalamunda.
This project started with an idea...
The goal to improve brochure display, reduce time consuming tasks and reduce the City's Carbon Footprint
With one idea it has opened the door for the City of Kalamunda's technological advances.
Currently paper copy brochures are printed, maintained and restocked.
One Flyer = 3 Departments = 70 minutes
Per week that average = 2 to 5 different publications which are created - printed and distributed
Printed and Distributed = 80 - 200 minutes
Doesn't sound like much...
Yearly = 4160 - 10,400 minutes (uses 2% of Staff Work Time)
1 ream of paper (500) sheets uses 6% of a tree (conserve-a-tree.com)
The City uses 1,889,016.70 Pages per year = 226.68 trees per year (just for brochures & flyers)
In one year the city spends on average $61,212 on copying and printing
A proposal for change...
Plan - change the way we view a flyer, brochure or a piece of information
At the click of button we can give our customers paperless brochures
A digital information stand with flexible request capabilities
Help us to Help you
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