Who is the consultation aimed at?

    We want to hear from youth, children and adults from the City of Kalamunda to form a broad understanding of young people’s needs and interests in the community.

    Who is responsible for making sure my ideas are used?

    The City of Kalamunda has a Youth and Community Development Officer and a Youth and Community Assistant who support the community’s young people. Your views will be analysed along with the rest of the feedback we receive and the new plan will include the trends and top priorities that reflect the entire community.

    Who classifies as a youth?

    The Western Australian Department of Communities defines youth as people aged between 10-25 years. 

    The Western Australian Department of Communities defines youth as people aged between 10-25 years. For this consultation the City of Kalamunda is seeking feedback from youth aged 0-25.

    What is a Youth Plan?

    The Youth Plan identifies the youth interests, issues and aspirations of the Kalamunda community and establishes priorities and strategies to guide the City over a five year period in its provision of youth services.

    The City of Kalamunda Youth Plan 2017 – 2022 has been developed from thorough community consultation which was undertaken during March - May 2016. This consultation process saw over 600 surveys completed by both over and under 25s, with the data used to provide useful insights and guidance for the formation of the Plan.

    What information are you collecting?

    We want to know about our young people: where they live, their school, their interests, concerns, priorities and trends. We also want to know what is expected of the City of Kalamunda, what support, programs or events our community are after.

    What area does this plan cover?

    Any resident, student or worker in this City of Kalamunda which spans from the foothills (Wattle Grove, Forrestfield, High Wycombe) to the hills (Kalamunda, Lesmurdie, Walliston).

    Where can I get involved?

    The surveys can be completed online through Engage Kalamunda, can be collected in hardcopy form from the City’s Administration Building, or one of the four libraries. 

    You can also participate in the Consultation Workshop at the Kalamunda Central Shopping Centre on Wednesday 6 October, 2021 from 10am-12pm. We will also be visiting schools and shops, so you may see the Youth Team out and about in the community. 

    When will the new plan be launched?

    As the current plan expires in 2022, the new plan will come into effect as of January 2023.

    Why are you asking personal information?

    We want to know the needs and priorities specific to our community to tailor our programs to have the greatest value. This means hosting events in suburbs that have a higher percentage of youth, or hosting more mental health workshops If that is identified as a concern.

    Why are you creating a new youth plan?

    We update the plan every 5 years to ensure the data we are using to inform our programs is current and reflective of the youth living in the community. We don’t want to base an event on an interest that young people had 20 years ago, or use statistics that no longer represent priorities, concerns, or interests.