How can I provide feedback?

     You can provide feedback in a number of ways. You can register with Engage Kalamunda; this is where the City of Kalamunda welcomes your engagement and communication. We are committed to providing our community members with opportunities to be informed, participate, engage and contribute to issues affecting you and your City. Register to join the conversation!

    You can also download our surveys from this site, or you can complete one of the hard copy surveys available from our Administration office at 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda or at one of our city libraries. Let us know!

    Will burials take place in the funeral location?

    No. Only the funeral or memorial service will take place at the public place location, the burial will take place elsewhere. Once a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death has been issued, a body can be buried. There are three choices of burial site: a public cemetery, a private cemetery, or private land.

    Will the body be visible to the public?

    We’re proposing that if caskets are permitted, they will be closed and shielded from the public.

    Will funerals be held on the weekends?

    The policy is considering making public places available for funerals and memorial services on weekdays between the hours of 9.00am and 3.00pm.

    How would I make a complaint if I felt confronted by a funeral in a public place?

    You can contact the City of Kalamunda at Administration office at 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda, via phone 9257 9999 at or email at

    Why is this being considered for policy development?

    In 2019 we received a request to hold a funeral in Stirk Park, this prompted a Special Council Meeting in order to assess the viability of going ahead with this request. We’d like to take the conversation wider now and bring it to the public in order to understand how you feel about holding funerals in public places. The City of Kalamunda is dedicated to the well-being of its community, and death is a complicated issue.