Is my privacy protected?

    Your privacy is important to us and is protected. 

    The City will only use your email address to invite you to participate in new projects and update you on existing projects.  The information you provide is only used to enable Council to have a better understanding of how programs and policies impact across the different demographics with our local government area.

    Why do I need to register to use this site?

    Before you can take part, we ask that you create an account.

    We respect that your privacy is important to you. We have made the account creation process simple and straightforward. The only personal information we collect from you is your email and your suburb, unless you choose to answer some of our optional questions.

    We encouraging community engagement to allows our members to be better informed about the developments in your City. We want to create a dynamic community of regular users and we are investing in new ways of engaging with our community members.

    More Questions

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