When is the train station opening?

    The train station is anticipated to open in the first half of 2022.

    Who can park at the High Wycombe Station multistorey Car Park?

    The multistorey car park is strictly for Transperth train and bus passengers.

    How busy will the train station be when it opens – and how many vehicles will be parking there?

    Typically the uptake of new transport infrastructure is slow, so the City is not expecting a large number of people parking outside the provided carparks at opening. When the train station is at capacity, the multi-storey carpark will be full (with 1200 vehicles) and the Public Transport Authority may then develop additional overflow parking areas.

    Will there be a ‘kiss and ride’ area?

    Yes, there will be short-term parking bays designed for passengers to be dropped off and picked up. There are 18 of these bays in total, 8 outside the station off the new Ibis Place extension (Enterprise Blvd) and 10 outside the multi-deck car park off Dundas Rd/Maida Vale Rd. These areas will be managed by the Public Transport Authority.

    How many bays will there be at the ‘kiss and ride’ area in the station precinct?

    There are 18 drop off bays (8 at the station and 10 outside of the multistorey car park)

    Will there be bus services to the train station?

    Yes, the Public Transport Authority are planning for new bus routes to be added and some existing routes to be changed.

    Who will manage parking at the station?

    The Public Transport Authority will manage parking within the station precinct immediately after opening.

    How will buses get to the train station?

    The main access points for the buses will be from the south via Dundas Road, and from the east side off Ibis Place at a new roundabout. Private vehicles will not be permitted within the bus station area.

    Will the City manage any parking areas?

    Yes, the City will manage parking outside of the train station precinct.

    Will the City provide different parking controls areas (temporary and permanent)?

    Yes. These areas will be assessed and then designated accordingly following community consultation.

ACROD parking

    How many ACROD bays are available at the multistorey carpark?

    There will be 12 ACROD bays of the1200 car bays available.

    Are there ACROD bays outside the Multistorey car park?

    Yes, there are an additional five drop-off (15 min. limit) ACROD bays along Enterprise Boulevard, within 100m of the station entry.

Motorcycle parking

    How many motorcycle bays are available at the multistorey carpark?

    There will be 52 motorcycle bays available.


    What cost do I expect to pay between 5am and 9pm at the station?

    A flat fee of $2 applies for all vehicles parked Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays. This is valid for 24 hours and commences at the time of purchase. Please visit for more information.

    How do I pay for my parking at the station?

    Payment is made either through the Smart Parker machine where passengers have the fee deducted from their registered Smart rider card or the Pay by Plate machine where passengers can enter their license plate number and pay the fee for their vehicle.

    How much will it cost to park at the train station?

    Paid parking will be provided by the Public Transport Authority at the multistorey carpark. This can be accessed off the south side of the new roundabout where Maida Vale Road intersects Dundas Road.

    The parking rate is set by PTA and the City understands this will be the same as for other carparks serving train stations in Perth (presently $2 per day). 

    What will it cost to park outside the Public Transport Authority provided carpark?

    The City does not presently charge for parking. So, there would currently be no cost unless the driver infringes against the City’s Parking Local Law or Road Traffic Code.

Parking signs and controls

    What does “No stopping” mean?

    It means you may not stop your vehicle at any point within the area/boundary designated by the “no stopping” signs or by a continuous yellow line along the road edge. As shown below.

    What does “No parking” mean?

    It means you may not leave a vehicle stationary and unattended for an extended period within the area/boundary designated by the “no parking” signs. Exceptions include picking-up/dropping-off people or goods (maximum 2 minutes). Which includes:

    • No parking within 10m of an intersection. 
    • No parking on footpaths or pedestrian crossings.
    • No parking in front of vehicle driveways.
    • No parking in a cul-de-sac such that it will prevent vehicles from turning within the cul-de-sac.
    • No parking on a median strip or traffic island.
    • No parking on verges where there are signs that prohibits this. Exceptions include being the owner or occupier of the property adjacent to the verge or have the permission from the owner or occupier to stop/park on the verge adjacent to their property.
    • No parking on reserves (local government owned or managed land) unless the area is specifically set out for parking purposes. as shown below.

    How long is on-street parking generally?

    The time for on-street parking can vary as provided by the signs at the location.  In the example below:

    • The 1P means the vehicle can be parked for a maximum of one hour . 
    • This one hour restriction applies only from 9:00 am to -5:30 pm Monday to Friday and 9:00 am to 12:00 pmon Saturday. 
    • At other parking times there is no timed limit. 

    If a parking control was implemented, would it affect the entire block or as a single house basis?

    Typically, it would be block by block, and not just for a single property.

    How often do Rangers attend to check on parking legality?

    Rangers will be on duty any time of the day. Visits would increase as per any requests and concerns that are received.

    Will there be a resident and visitor parking permit scheme.

    Currently, the City does not have a parking permit scheme.

    Can any resident or business owner decide who can park on their footpath?

    Parking on any footpath is prohibited. Infringements will apply without warning.

    Will there be a ‘grace period’ once parking controls are put in place or will Rangers issue infringements immediately?

    There will be a period of education to allow users time to become familiar with the regulations and requirements of parking within and around the area. During this period, Rangers will issue verbal or written cautions prior to any infringements. Repeat offenders and people parking on footpaths or performing actions which pose a direct threat to public safety will still receive immediate infringements during this time.

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