What is the Draft Master Plan?

    The purpose of a Draft Master Plan is to provide a ‘proposed’ strategy and framework for future development of an area or site.  The plan outlines the future improvements and developments proposed for the site, where they should be located and the scale of developments that could occur.  The draft master planning process involves a review of the existing conditions of the area, its utilisation, its strengths and current issues or community concerns.

    Consultation with users of the facility and the community is an important process in the development of a Draft Master Plan, along with detailed analysis of the community population, profile and research into best practice examples. Master Plans provide a high level, costed document for Council’s future planning purposes.   

    What does the Maida Vale Reserve Draft Master Plan propose?

    The Draft Master Plan for Maida Vale Reserve proposes to increase the opportunities to participate in sports using the reserve, by improving the lighting on the reserve, the layout of fields on the reserve, upgrade the facilities and also to provide a fitness trail around the reserve for people to use at any time.

    What kinds of upgrades / improvements will be considered?

    The Draft Master Plan outlines the optimal mix of various sports to be played at the Reserve whilst balancing access to the community for casual recreation purposes. 

    Those upgrades and improvements proposed as part of the master plan, includes: 
    * Improved lighting for the Oval, venue and car park 
    * Upgrade of power supply to site and connection to sewer. 
    * Car Parking upgrades and access and egress improvements 
    * Upgrade of facilities at the Norm Sadler Pavilion 
    * New Public toilets Relocation and upgrade of Tennis Court facilities 
    * Archery Complex Improvements 
    * Improved Baseball, Cricket and Soccer facilities
    * Upgrade skate park to a more prominent location 
    * Relocated playground within the reserve and upgrade design with an environmental focus
    * Continue to protect the current environmental areas as outlined in the Maida Vale Reserve Action Plan 2012-2019.
    * Significant value trees within the car park areas are to be retained and protected.
    * Improved signage, seating and fencing 
    * Improved pathways with a fitness trail

    How can I provide feedback?

    The City of Kalamunda is encouraging residents to provide feedback on the Draft Master Plan.