Update: 14 October 2020

We thank you for your contribution to the Crystal Brook community engagement and concept planning process to date. The City of Kalamunda and Roberts Day greatly value all feedback received during the advertising period.

As stated in our previous correspondence in July 2020, we are pleased to have received over 200 submissions and over 50 surveys on the draft Concept Plan. Over the course of the past few months the City and Roberts Day have been reviewing submissions and preparing a schedule of proposed modifications to the Concept Plan and Report. The City has discussed the consideration process further with the City’s Councillors. Considering the significant community responses received, we envisage that members of the community will want to make many deputations and ask questions. In light of this, the City will alter its usual consideration process in order to ensure the community have the time to absorb the report and have the time to discuss the item. To achieve this, the City can advise of the following process:

  1. The City release online the Officer Report/Recommendation for the item and associated attachments on 14 October 2020 for the community to view (available via Document Library)
  2. The Officer Report/Recommendation will then be released through the usual November 2020 Draft Public Agenda Briefing and Ordinary Council Meeting process.
  3. The City will provide a brief presentation of the Officer Report/Recommendation at the Draft Public Agenda Briefing on 10 November 2020. This will be an opportunity for community members to hear from the City in regard to the report. No decision will be made at this meeting. Those wanting to ask questions and speak to the item are encouraged to do so on the dedicated evening on the 17 November 2020 (detailed outlined in Point 4 below).
  4. The City and Council will dedicate, in accordance with Clause 6.13 of the City’s Standing Orders Local Law 2015 (Standing Orders), the evening of the 17 November 2020 for questions to be asked and deputations to be made on the item. This will enable the item to be given unimpeded attention by all stakeholders. Formalisation of this process by resolution of the Council will occur at the October 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting in accordance with the Standing Orders.
  5. The item will be presented to Council at the 24 November 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting for consideration. Those wanting to ask questions and speak to the item are encouraged to do so on the dedicated evening on the 17 November 2020.

Should any changes occur regarding the schedule, the City will advise you as soon as the information becomes available. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Should you have any questions, contact Mitchell Brooks, Senior Strategic Planner at Mitchell.brooks@kalamunda.wa.gov.au.

Yours sincerely
Peter Varelis
Director Development Services

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