What is “Reset Wattle Grove South”?

    Reset Wattle Grove South is a community-led visioning project that will involve local residents and stakeholders in the Wattle Grove Area in an open discussion about how they want their community to look and feel in the future.

    The project has been initiated in response to recent discussions about potential land use changes in the area, through which the City identified a need for a more comprehensive, community-led discussion to develop a shared vision for the Wattle Grove South area after ruling out Industrial land uses.

    Where is Wattle Grove South?

    Wattle Grove South is the area generally bounded by Tonkin Highway to the west, Welshpool Road East to the north, and Kelvin Road, Judith Road, Fontano Road and the City's border with the City of Gosnells to the east.

    How does this project relate to previous studies?

    Reset Wattle Grove South is a new process that will start a new discussion about Wattle Grove South’s future. It is focused on listening to the local community to understand what they’d like to see the area become in the future, balanced with State Government planning requirements.

    Is Industrial Development still being proposed in Wattle Grove South?

    No. In December 2018, Council has resolved that no Industrial development will be permitted in Wattle Grove South, based on community feedback. Instead, Reset Wattle Grove South will be exploring long-term growth scenarios based on residential oriented land uses.

    How do the terms Urban Investigation, Urban Expansion and Rural relate to Wattle Grove South in the Planning framework?

    ‘Wattle Grove South’ is identified as Urban Expansion, Urban Investigation and Rural in different locations within the project area in the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) North East Sub-regional Planning Framework (the Framework). The Framework is part of suite of documents that sits under Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million.

    Further detailed planning is required for Urban Expansion/Investigation areas prior to consideration for any rezoning under the MRS and before development can occur including, but not limited to, investigations regarding protection of significant environmental attributes, basic raw materials, water resources, bushfire risk, servicing, community and social infrastructure, movement networks and employment. These areas may contain significant environmental attributes and further planning for these sites will need to prioritise avoidance and/or protection of the environmental values. Minor refinement of expansion or investigation area boundaries may be required to accommodate more detailed future planning

    The Framework states for Wattle Grove South that investigations are required for geotechnical analysis/land suitability to provide connections to reticulated wastewater services, bushfire risk, and protection of significant environmental attributes.

    The City’s Local Planning Strategy 2010 identifies the project area as Urban Investigation.

    The City’s Local Housing Strategy 2020 identifies the site as Urban Investigation and is subject to community engagement, concept planning and detailed planning.

    There are no other documents since 2010, including local structure plans that have been endorsed by the City or WAPC that considers the future planning of Wattle Grove South. Any documents prior to 2010 have been superseded by the documents mentioned above.

    Why do we need a plan for Wattle Grove South?

    The State Government has identified a number of existing rural areas around Perth as places to investigate for potential future development to accommodate long term population growth. Wattle Grove South is one of these areas, with a significant portion having been identified as an ‘Urban Expansion’ and ‘Urban Investigation’ area in the State’s North-East Sub-regional Planning Framework.

    Consulting with the local community is to ensure that changes in the area, if any, reflect the community’s priorities and wishes.

    Who is running the project?

    Council appointed consultants RobertsDay to work directly with the local community to collaboratively develop a positive vision and concept plan for the future of Wattle Grove South, focused on respecting resident wishes, maintaining character and enhancing sustainability.The City’s Strategic Planning and Engagement teams are also closely involved in the project.

    I’ve already provided feedback, why do I need to do it again?

    We understand you may have already provided your views regarding the future for Wattle Grove South. This feedback is important to us and has directly informed the scope and purpose of this project.

    Based on the feedback you’ve already shared, the plan will focus on managing potential growth and protecting character, environmental features and strong community that make the area special. The plan will be developed collaboratively with the local community through a series of workshops and online feedback sessions starting now and ending in mid-2020.

    Through this new project, you now have the opportunity to have a more direct and detailed say in how much, and what kind, of development will occur in the coming decades. It is vital we hear from you to plan and create the best future for the area.

    How can I have my say?

    We’re committed to listening and learning through this process and invite you to get involved and share your views in the following ways:

    1. Complete the Survey and Ideas Map (November-December 2019)

    Share your thoughts through our Survey and Ideas Map online at engage.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/reset-wattle-grove-south. This initial survey will inform the upcoming workshops. Alternatively, you can complete the printed version of the survey included with this letter. Comments close 5pm, Friday 20 December 2019.

    2. Attend the Vision Workshop (6:00-8:00pm, Wednesday 5 February 2020)

    Everyone is welcome to attend our Vision Workshop where we'll define a direction and values for the area based on community feedback. The workshop will be held at Woodlupine Family Centre. Please RSVP with your name/s and contact details to wattlegrove@robertsday.com.au.

    3. Register for the Co-Design Workshop (10:00-1:00pm, Saturday 29 February 2020)

    We'll be running a hands-on community workshop to explore design ideas and develop plans. If you are interested, please complete and submit the Expression of Interest form by 20 December 2019.

    For more information call (08) 9213 7300 or email wattlegrove@robertsday.com.au.

    Where can I find more in-depth information on the project background?

    Further information is available at

    Further information is available at kalamunda.wa.gov.au/our-city/project-details/wattle-grove-south