What is a Master Plan?

    The purpose of a Master Plan is to provide a ‘proposed’ strategy and framework for future development of an area or site. The plan outlines the future improvements and developments proposed for the site, where they should be located and the scale of developments that could occur. The draft master planning process involves a review of the existing conditions of the area, its utilisation, its strengths and current issues or community concerns.

    Why should I provide feedback?

    Consultation with users of the facility and the community is an important process in the development of a Draft Master Plan, along with detailed analysis of the community population, profile and research into best practice examples. Master Plans provide a high level, costed document for Council’s future planning purposes.   

    How can I provide feedback?

    The City of Kalamunda is encouraging residents to provide feedback.

    Online: engage.kalamunda.wa.gov.au

    Hard copies are available at the City of Kalamunda Office, and all City Libraries.

    Alternative to the survey, written submissions can be provided via post or email address (details below):

    Post to: City of Kalamunda, PO Box 42, Kalamunda WA 6926
    Email: enquiries@kalamunda.wa.gov.au

    Comments close 5:00pm Wednesday 14 November 2018.

    What opportunities will I have to share my views and ideas?

    In addition to the survey, there are a number of ways that you can provide your input into the Master Plan development:

    Community Drop-in Sessions

    • Thursday 11 October 2018, from 4pm – 6pm at Scott Reserve Pavilion, 200 Newburn Road, High Wycombe
    • Saturday 20 October 2018, from 9am – 11am at High Wycombe Community and Recreation Centre, 200 Newburn Road, High Wycombe

    Community Pop-ups

    • Friday 26 October 2018, from 4pm – 6pm, Children’s Week Community Event, Fleming Reserve, 111 Newburn Road, High Wycombe
    • Sunday 28 October 2018, from 10am – 2pm, Edney Primary School Fair, Scott Reserve, 200 Newburn Road, High Wycombe

    Community Workshop

    • Tuesday 30 October 2018, from 6pm – 8pm at High Wycombe Community and Recreation Centre, 200 Newburn Road, High Wycombe

    What will happen next?

    Public comment will close on Wednesday 14 November 2018. All feedback from the online survey, drop-in sessions, and community workshop and community pop-ups will be collated and analysed by ABV Leisure Consultancy. This feedback will be used to shape the draft of a Master Plan, which will need to go to Council for endorsement to advertise for public comment.

    Once endorsed by council, the draft Master Plan will go back out for public comment. It is expected in this second phase of consultation (public comment on the draft), the community will have an opportunity to comment on the draft plan, as well as attend a number of drop-in sessions and a workshop.

    Where can I get more information?

    For more information contact the City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999.

    We will also keep you informed through website updates, by telephone or face to face conversations if that is your preferred method of communication. Please let us know.

    What is out of scope for this consultation?

    Existing master plans and sites in the process of master planning (e.g. Maida Vale Master Planning, Stirk Park Master Plan).

    These projects have/are currently or will be undertaking their own consultation process. For more information on these projects, please refer to engage.kalamunda.wa.gov.au