What is a Safe Active Street?

    Safe active streets are cycle routes on quiet, low traffic, low speed, local streets, with speeds reduced to 30 km/h to allow for a safer shared street space.

    Safe Active Streets are an important part of Perth’s transport network providing the public with safer, more comfortable options for people to achieve their transport needs including walking and riding bikes.

    What makes these streets safer than any other street?

    Safe active streets incorporate various traffic calming measures* to encourage slow traffic speeds.  Examples may include:

    • Introducing a 30km/h speed zone
    • Signage, including blue-and-white road patches
    • Raising platforms at intersections – to alert people they are in a pedestrian and bicycle friendly space;
    • Narrowing lane widths by introducing embayed parking, garden beds and plantings;
    • Changing stop/give-way signs to give priority to movements along the safe active street;
    • Using chicanes, traffic islands and medians to restrict car movements at intersections, while allowing movements in all directions for people on foot and on bikes;
    • Surface colours are used to mark out where bicycles/pedestrians should ride/walk.
    • Decorative art street treatments to mark pedestrian or bike crossings and providing the opportunity to engage in deeper storytelling and producing visual images representative of the local character.

    *Note: The development and implementation of traffic calming measures will be informed by Community feedback from this engagement project.

    Why was Sussex Road, Forrestfield selected?

    The City of Kalamunda’s Bicycle Plan 2017 was adopted by Council in 2018 following a range of investigations and consultation with stakeholders and residents. Sussex Road was identified as part of the Wattle Grove to Forrestfield (Foothills Spine) Local Route

    It was selected for its generous width, lower traffic volumes, as well as its proximity to local schools, shops, recreation parks and reserves, and the ability to connect to Primary and Secondary Cycling routes.

    Usage data: Sussex Road at the western end has 362 annual average daily traffic (AADT) and 85% speed 55.8 km/hr. Data was collected by traffic classifier loops on 23/06/2020. Sussex Road has a road closure east of Strathearn that will be kept in place.

    Kiandra Way, High Wycombe has also been selected as a Safe Active Street for similar reasons

    Why is the City of Kalamunda participating in this State Government Initiative?

    As our population increases and more people live near centres of activity, walking and cycling can play a big part in helping to reduce congestion, improve air quality, support local business and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.

    The Department of Transport is working with local government authorities to deliver its Transport @ 3.5 Million - the Perth and Peel Transport Plan for 3.5 Million People and Beyond across numerous suburbs which will enhance Perth’s network of bike-friendly routes – the safe active streets project forms part of this network.

    The City of Kalamunda is excited to help implement this plan due to the numerous benefits that it gives the local community.

    What are the advantages of Safe Active Streets?

    The speed limit along the safe active street is set at 30 km/h. Traffic calming infrastructure design establishes a higher priority for pedestrians and cyclists (of all ages) but does not reduce the amenity for the vehicle driver.

    The key benefits include:

    • Tree plantings and landscaping making our neighbourhood places and spaces more attractive to walk, ride, scoot, and drive, and increases our urban green canopy, reduces heat sink.
    • Connecting homes, parks, schools, shops and each other.
    • Providing a safe environment for all road users (pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles).
    • Promoting a low-speed environment that reduces potential accidents and resulting damage.
    • Improving safety for children and school travel.
    • Providing transport options and links to other shared path routes, connecting to the wider community, work and businesses.
    • Local people using the street increases the natural surveillance (neighbourhood watch) in the area and improves community connections.
    • Save money on petrol and car maintenance by walking and riding – an easy way to add some physical activity to you day and do your bit for Climate Change by reducing air pollution.
    • Get some fresh air and connect with your neighbourhood.
    • Low speed streets reduce traffic noise and significant injury from traffic accidents.
    • Low speed streets improve the safety of our children traveling to school.
    • Being active increases mental and physical wellbeing.
    • Safe Active Streets look better, friendlier and create a sense of place.

    The provision of Safe Active Streets is a community driven action* to:

    • Slow down traffic on local roads; improve traffic calming; and improve footpath and cycleway connectivity. (*MARKYT® Community Scorecard Report - 2020 Community Perceptions Survey)

    The provision of accessible community spaces and infrastructure including pathways, parking, transport, playgrounds, street-scapes and public open spaces has been identified in the City’s Kalamunda Advancing Strategic Community Plan to 2027 and Inclusive Kalamunda Social Inclusion Plan 2021-2025

    Will there be any inconvenience to the residents along the streets of the proposed safe active street?

    Yes, there will be some inconvenience during the construction stages.

    It is not anticipated that there will be any inconvenience once the works have been completed as this project aims to increase residential amenity by creating a quieter and safer environment.

    Will there be an impact on existing on-street parking?

    The City can include embayed parking as part of the overall streetscaping and traffic calming design. Where people can presently park a vehicle on the road, the design will introduce some kerbing and defined parking areas. There may be a small decrease to the parking areas.

    Will rubbish trucks still be able to empty our bins?

    Yes, the design will consider waste collection vehicles. Some residents may need to put their bin in a slightly different location and this will be arranged once the project has proceeded.

    How is the project being funded?

    The project is funded 50% by the Department of Transport and the rest from the City of Kalamunda.

    More information about this program can be found on the Department of Transport's website transport.wa.gov.au

    When will construction commence?

    Subject to community support for the project the design phase will commence early 2022.

    Construction works are expected to take place in the 2023-24 financial year subject to a successful secondary round of Safe Active Street Program grant funding from the Department of Transport.

    What if I don't want any treatments in my street?

    We are keen to hear what you have to say about the proposed safe active street and how you feel it will affect you.

    Your comments will be considered in the development of the final layout and design.

    How can I provide feedback?

    To find out more about the project, we invite you to attend our Community Workshop. (See this page for details and to register.)

    The session will give you an opportunity to learn more about the project and contribute your ideas around the design and decorative road treatments that reflect the local stories.

    All residents are encouraged to provide feedback by completing our Survey (hardcopies available from the City's libraries and Administration building), or alternatively, provide a written submission via:

    Online: engage.kalamunda.wa.gov.au
    By Post: PO Box 42, Kalamunda, WA 6926.
    In Person: 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda WA 6076
    By Email: enquiries@Kalamunda.wa.gov.au

    Where can I get more information?

    For more information contact the City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999 (Assets Road Project team). We will also keep you informed through website updates, by telephone or face to face conversations if that is your preferred method of communication. Please let us know.

    By Post: PO Box 42, Kalamunda, WA 6926.
    In Person: 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda WA 6076
    By Email: enquiries@Kalamunda.wa.gov.au

    What will happen with the results?

    Following the public comment period, the Community feedback will be utilised to develop the Sussex Road Safe Active Street design concepts.

    Note: works are expected to take place in the 2023-24 financial year subject to a successful secondary round of Safe Active Street Program grant funding from the Department of Transport