What is the Town Team Movement?

    Town Team Movement is an ‘under-arching’, non-profit organisation helping to create a network of town teams around Australia and New Zealand.

    Town Team Mission: 
    As the Champion of the Town Team Model, Town Team Movement empowers and enables communities to embrace civic leadership, active citizenship and place stewardship. Our support brings about resilient, independent and successful Town Teams working cooperatively with supportive local governments.

    What is and what does a Town Team do?

    • Each team has different priorities and focuses, but all share this common approach. 
    • Town teams are focused on building relationships and creating practical actions. 
    • Town teams are positive catalysts for change in their local area. 
    • The town team model breaks down the barriers that often divide businesses, residents and local governments, and helps everyone to better understand the challenges and the opportunities to improve places. 
    • They are run by the community for the community! 
    • Town Teams are supportive of high-quality, environmentally sustainable development, that provides for current and future residents, businesses and communities. 
    • They provide vision and leadership for their place in the community. 
    • They are positive and proactive.
    • Town Teams non-political in their approach. 
    • They will get stuck in and have a go rather than waiting for “someone else” to do “something”. 
    • Together, they work for the betterment of their community.

    Who can be in a Town Team?

    Town teams are positive and proactive organisations that include Businesses, Landowners and Residents, who come together and work voluntarily to enhance their community.

    How can I register my interest to join a Town Team?

    Simply complete the Expression of Interest form online or download from the document library on this site. 

    You can also collect an EOI (Expression of Interest) form from your local library or the City of Kalamunda Administration building at 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda.  

    The City will then contact you to advise of the details for the Inaugural Town Team Workshop, to kick start the Town Teams in the City of Kalamunda. 

    How does the City work with a Town Team?

    The City works collaboratively with the town teams to deliver locally based activities/events, physical improvement and economic and community development initiatives.
    The City provides assistance to promote and support a "can-do culture". This is done by;

    • Helping to organise, engage and empower Town Team communities. 
    • Sharing knowledge, community connections, resources and best practice. 
    • Helping to promote events and activities of Town Teams. 
    • Provides advice, support and mentorship.

    The Town Team Charter

    The charter helps explain the Town Team  movement’s collective values and expectations. 
    It’s a summary of the ‘town team way’.

    Town Team Charter
    • Town teams are not political or politically-aligned and are independent from governments. 
    • They include people from all walks of life creating positive change in their communities. 
    • The teams work for the benefit of communities, not for individual or factional advancement nor political reasons. 
    • They are run by the community, for the community. 
    • Teams aim to empower people through innovation and creativity. 
    • Town teams should be positive influences in their community and lead by example. 
    • They build the resilience; connections; understanding; tolerance and generosity of their communities. 
    • Towns and places are complex eco-systems of people, cultures, transport, work, buildings, environments and businesses. 
    • Town teams aim to spread benefits to all sectors of the community. 
    • Creating positive change requires broad discussions and a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve and how to deliver this vision. 
    • Promote High-Quality Development: Town teams encourage high-quality, environmentally sustainable development that provides for current and future residents, businesses and communities.
    • We innovate to create regenerative communities. 
    • Behave Responsibly and Ethically: Town Teams and their members operate with integrity, honesty and respect at all times.
    The movement is bigger than all of us.