Proposed Place of Worship Welshpool Road East

Published on 15 September 2017

In response to a number of community enquiries, the City of Kalamunda can confirm a Development Application for a proposed place of worship (church) was granted planning approval by Council in November 2016.

The land at Lot 36 (831) is owned by St Peters Jacobite Syrian Church Perth Inc.

Council also approved several conditions to be imposed on the development site. Many of the conditions relate to lighting, bushfire management, vegetation and landscaping, road modifications, parking and required building permits.

The application was advertised for 28 days with letters sent to adjoining property owners.

The application was also sent to the Department of Planning, Main Roads and the Public Transport Authority. Nine submissions were received.

Tree removal arising from the development is necessary to ensure the safety of vehicles on Welshpool Road East.

A number of options were investigated to try to prevent the removal of the trees, however the road safety was considered a higher priority.

All tree removals and road works are being arranged by the developer for the site, and due to begin on 2 October. The City’s staff are monitoring the work.

From 11 to 29 September the City will be undertaking pruning of some other trees in the area to manage the impacts of the other trees being removed..

A majority of mature vegetation is to be retained on the subject site and City requires a landscaping plan be submitted, approved and installed prior to occupation of the place of worship building.

Following completion of the road works, the developer is also required to plant replacement trees in different locations at the City's direction.

A copy of the Council Meeting Minutes for 14 November 2016 are available in the City’s website at


On 10 June 2015, the Minister for Planning approved Scheme Amendment No. 61 which included the additional use of Place of Worship under Schedule 2 of the Scheme. The additional use is conditional on the applicant/landowner preparing and implementing a traffic management plan.

The subject site has frontage of 115m to Welshpool Rd East. The surrounding area is zoned Special Rural and Rural Composite. The lot and neighbouring lots are currently vacant.

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