What is Community Safety and Crime Prevention about?

    Community safety and crime prevention is very important to the City of Kalamunda, especially surrounding our young people. We want to make sure that youth feel safe and comfortable in our community.  We want to offer opportunities and programs that will engage our young people to develop their skills and interests, generating activities that help young people feel connecting to the community, rather than falling through the gaps. 

    Why are we doing this consultation?

    It was recently raised by the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Committee that the City of Kalamunda community were concerned about crime and the behaviour of young people. We are doing this consultation so that we can find out from young people what they believe the issues are, and how we can best combat this through a new project. We care about what young people have to say and we want to hear their suggestions and ideas. 

    Why are we doing this consultation now?

    The committee brought this to the attention of the City of Kalamunda late last year, and we have been busy preparing this consultation through initial research, question preparation and questionnaire design. Social distancing and remaining at home will hopefully allow us to target more youth and get their feedback.

    Why are we doing it online and not in person?

    We had originally planned to hold this session in person but due to COVID-19 and in the interests of keeping our community healthy and safe, we decided to shift it to being online only. This doesn’t mean we won’t get informative results; we are just using a different platform to obtain our information. If you would rather have a chat with us or send an email, please feel free to contact our team on the details at the bottom of this document and we’ll be happy to record your feedback in whatever way suits you, just make sure you do it before the end of the consultation period. 

    What are the benefits of you completing this online consultation?

    We want to hear directly from young people and if you, as a young person, complete this survey you will help us to do this. If you’re really keen on a particular project or activity and it falls within the area of community safety and crime prevention, the benefit to you of doing this online consultation is that the program or activity you suggest may be offered by the City of Kalamunda. There isn’t a guarantee that what you suggest will come to life, however, your suggesting has to be in there to be selected rather than no chance at all from staying quiet!  

    When will the results from this consultation be available publicly?

    It will take us a little while to work through all the online consultation results and create a comprehensive document outlining the highlights the key findings. On that basis, we are aiming to have the results out for everyone to see two months after the consultation closes, so you should be able to see the results in approximately mid-August. 

    Who can I contact if I have questions?

    The Youth Services Team here at the City of Kalamunda are your point of contact! There are a few of us and we all work different days, so you might call one day and get one person and call the next day and get another! But don’t worry, we are all here because we care about our City’s young people and want to help. So call us anytime on (08) 9257 9968 or email us at youth@kalamunda.wa.gov.au. Your other option is to find us on Facebook – ‘The Influence’ Youth Services Team, City of Kalamunda.